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100 Years Of Wyoming

Written by on March 15, 2021

This right here was too wonderful not to share. I recently went a local thrift shop and found this gem. Wyoming 100 years Old. The new recipes are from 1945-1990, and the old ones are from 1890-1945! So do the math and add on the extra years from 1990. Things sure have changed.

My goodness the things people ate in past is absolutely crazy. I would personally pass on anything with sun dried shrimp. That just does not sound like something one should eat. Ever. They really just put the shrimp out on a plate on their porch at the heat of the day. Leave the shrimp until they take on a rubber tire feel is how the recipe said you then know they are done. Maybe don’t knock it till you try it but it sounds like a hospital visit waiting to happen. Also eat at room temp not porch temp. Um yummy that makes it way better! Also keep in mind this one of the old recipes.

“Recipes and much much more”. They are not kidding about that. This book is full of Wyoming family recipes, memories, and I am pretty sure family secrets. Also known as favorites holiday recipes! Aunt Norah would more than likely not be happy someone told them how she makes her fudge. There are so many stories that are dedicated to those who really made Wyoming Wyoming.

All of recipes are from people right here in the 307 . Everything you could ever imagine. Cookies, cakes, meat main dishes, and my favorite is the things kids asked their parents, and what parents gave their kids back in the day.

A little girl was helping mommy fold clothes and asked, “Mommy when wash cloths grow up then are they hand towels then bath towels?”

Well are they? The picture of a little one asking that while helping her mom hang the wash on the clothes line is everything precious in the world. No word on what mom’s answer was.

Fun fact did you know the early Wyoming pioneers gave their babies rattle snake rattles to chew on when they were teething? Now that is whole new speed of the wild west. Snake rattle and roll away in the stroller!

They also taught their little ones how to cook like an adult, but the names will just make your belly ache from how hard you will laugh. Can you imagine a child telling you here I made this for you. It is a yellow gigglers. That was according to the book Annie’s favorite. It is just lemon jello made with apple juice!

It is pretty neat you can find something so precious for only $2.00 that tells so much about Wyoming for over 100 years is really beautiful. A lot of the recipes, stories, poems, and fun facts have family names attached to them. That makes it even better.

So next time you are out and about at a thrift store or yard sale take a good look you never know what you may find that you can learn from. The Wyoming has some pretty interesting history.


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