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23 Ballistic Helmets Donated to Cody Police Department

Written by on September 24, 2020

Thanks to the efforts of former Cody resident Mary Dyk, the Cody Police Department now has 23 new protective ballistic helmets – a complete replacement of 15-year-old equipment.

The Department celebrated the donation on their Facebook page.

Mary Dyk and her family currently live in Colorado, but she has continued to support her old hometown police department since the move. Wanting to do more, she made a sizable donation for the purchase of the new ballistic helmets.

The equipment was provided by the non-profit organization SHIELD 616, and organization that aims to provide “all-day rifle protection for peace officers and first responders who sacrificially serve our communities.” They have outfitted over 5,000 first responders in 22 states.

Dyk donated the money for the new helmets to SHIELD 616, which purchased the equipment for the department.

This will completely replace the unit’s old equipment and be available in the event it becomes necessary. The department expressed their gratitude – to Mary Dyk, her family, and SHIELD 616 – for their commitment to protecting local law enforcement.

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