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2nd Amendment Bill Can’t Survive Changes

Written by on April 7, 2021

The Second Amendment Preservation Act failed in the Wyoming Legislature after several amendments.

Wednesday morning on KODI’s “Speak Your Piece with Darian Dudrick,” retired federal law enforcement officer Bill Tallen explained the bill’s journey through the Senate and eventual demise in the House.

The purpose of the bill was to protect Wyoming gun owners from any federal gun-control measures.

“It was a well-written bill,” Tallen told Dudrick. “It needed some attention, and it got attention. (And) it reached a form which really would’ve addressed everybody’s concerns.

“Then it received the poison-pill treatment and was drastically amended on third reading. And so, although it passed the Senate, it no longer deserved to pass the Senate, and at that point the House just turned its back on it and walked away.”

Tallen said an amendment on third reading by Republican Sen. Larry Hicks “absolutely gutted” the bill. The amendment would’ve included giving the state attorney general and governor the power to decide whether or not a Wyoming citizen’s Second Amendment rights were violated.

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