3 Reasons Why Brownies are the Best Dessert! |

3 Reasons Why Brownies are the Best Dessert!

Written by on January 21, 2022

Let’s be real, growing up stinks! They say that the older you get, the more responsible and mature you are to become. While this is true, growing up also allows for more freedom. Now you are the one in charge of the television remote. You decide what time you go to bed. You want half a tray of brownies for breakfast? Shoot, go for it! And there lies my discussion… you have so many options when it comes to picking that tasty treat. I’m here to tell you 3 reasons why the brownie will always be your best choice when deciding on a cure for that sweet tooth.

  1. Texture is key

You know why people chew on ice? They do it because the sensation of chewing a hard and flavorless piece of H2O satisfies their needs. Brownies can accomplish that same task but with a few steroids. You feeling for something chewy? No problem. How about something soft and gooey? Heck ya! Rock-solid more your style? So be it! Not only do you get the texture, but once you get that chocolate blast of flavor dancing on those taste buds… there’s no turning back.

  1. Easy to make

If you’re like me, you hate cooking. Many times, I find myself buying random ingredients that when combined, end up tasting terrible. It’s frustrating. With brownies, I guarantee all the ingredients you’d need are sitting in your fridge right now. You don’t have an oven? Oh please… that’s no problem! You can make these delicious treats on your stovetop in that same pan you make your famous Mickey Mouse pancakes. All you need is a little bit of heat, the ability to follow instructions and you’re cooking (literally). Whether you like the pieces on the edge or those soft ones in the middle, you can sculpt the shape to fit whatever it is your heart desires.

  1. Any way you want it

Ok, we’ve reached my favorite part. Now don’t get me wrong, brownies are good on their own, but have you ever thrown chocolate chips in those bad boys? If not, you’re missing out! I also like to add walnuts to give it that extra crunch. This is your time to get creative. If you find yourself struggling to choose, you’re not alone. Some of the more common mix-ins are nuts, chocolate chips, fudge, and fruit. Want to know a little secret? Once you’ve added those mix-ins, throw in a small amount of sour cream to keep your brownies from drying out. What you end up deciding will differ from many of those who came across this decision long before you did. Shoot, sometimes the kids decide to make “special brownies.”

Tomorrow is Blonde Brownie Day! Unfortunately, it’s a day that many people overlook. We hope this brings awareness to these mouth-watering treats.

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