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4 Words that People Struggle to Spell

Written by on March 31, 2021

English isn’t easy guys. Remembering that “I’m doing good” isn’t actually correct along with the never-ending question of whether it is their or there can be infuriating.

But what about those words that our brains for some reason will never be able to correctly spell? For me some of them are: definetely, Wedesdnay, convienent, and restarant.

Solution? Try and take a deep breath as your nemesis can see your anger rising and the word knows that it has captured you in a confusing vortex of misplaced vowels and weird-sounding consonants. (I misspelled consonant the first three times writing this article so there ya go. I am forever trapped.)

I know that for ‘Wednesday’ I started to sound it out. Wed-Nes-Day. Boom. One down and a whole language to go. If you have tips for other words previously mentioned please let me know and put it in the comment section on our Facebook page.

We can do this guys! I am sure we can get off to a well start so we are all doing good!

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