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Administrator Defends Patient Care at SBHCH

Written by on April 25, 2017

The Administrator for the South Bighorn County Hospital District says that they are adequately staffed to meet patient needs.

In response to a news story broadcast on the Big Horn Radio Network yesterday, hospital administrator John Adlesich says that despite reports from patients who are less than satisfied with the care they and their family have received recently, there are enough providers on staff to adequately care for patients.

Adlesich says the hospital has on staff two full time physicians right now, there is a physician’s assistant, they have recently hired an additional physician who will start in July, and are extending an offer to a nurse practitioner who will begin mid-May. Adlesich says they still have a nurse in the clinic, who supervises the Medical Assistants.

Adlesich says care has not been compromised, and insists that critical steps have not been missed, adding that Medical Assistants are fully trained to performed their daily duties.

However, Randi Noble says her family’s experiences, from her son’s medical issues to her mother’s, is in opposition to the administration’s insistence that they are offering better care than they have in the past. The Hospital board will meet tomorrow evening, and Noble says she will be there.

Adlesich spoke to KODI News off the record about the seriousness of the DEA and DCI investigation that does not target the hospital itself, only commenting that the hospital’s current providers are emphasizing patient safety.

However, Noble says that so much time has gone by since the beginning of this investigation that many people are shifting their medical care to other facilities and not considering South Big Horn County Hospital for their families anymore.

Adlesich counters that when he first started at the hospital last year, a third party surveyed patient satisfaction and found that only one percent of people who used the hospital’s services would recommend the hospital to others, and now that satisfaction rate is up to 83%.

He recommended that the patients contact the nurse supervisor, the clinic manager, or even himself to ensure that any patients’ concerns are addressed within the hospital.

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