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Judge in TCT Lawsuit Rejects Plaintiff Court Filing

Written by on April 24, 2017

TCT is fighting claims by a former board member that the company acted improperly in the plaintiff’s suit against the telecommunications company.

On Wednesday, TCT released a statement noting that Judge Norman Young of the 5th District Court of Park County rejected a court filing from the attorneys of Barbara Campbell and Joe Campbell, former board member of TCT. The plaintiff’s filing was in response to a motion by TCT to divide the pretrial discovery into separate proceedings.

Judge Young cited the plaintiff’s latest filing as quote, “unprofessional and lacking in civility,” endquote. Listed among the “unprofessional” documents were clip-art images, including one of David Letterman. Judge Young found the illustrations to be irrelevant to the case and lacking civility.

Tim Stubson, the attorney representing defendants Chris Davidson and Steve Harper, called the lawsuit “frivolous”, and an attempt to destroy the integrity and reputation of the defendants. He said that this rejection confirms that the plaintiffs are simply conducting a public smear campaign.

The lawsuit stems back to the 2014 sale of TCT. Nearly 80 percent of the membership voted in favor of the sale, and only one board member – the plaintiff – opposed the sale. The suit alleges that just $29 million of the $51 million dollar sale price was paid to TCT cooperative owners.

Chris Davidson, TCT’s CEO, noted that he would like to see this lawsuit put behind them, and quote, “get back to what TCT is all about – telecommunications for everyone in the Big Horn Basin and beyond,” endquote.

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