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Bison Herd Reduction Begins in Yellowstone

Written by on March 3, 2020

Bison culling operations have once again begun in Yellowstone.

The operations of collecting and removing 600 to 900 animals from the estimated herd of 4,900 individuals began on March 1st in conjunction with the Interagency Bison Management Plan. The process begins once the bison migrate from the interior of the park into the Gardiner Basin, within the Stephens Creek administrative area. The area includes park corral operations, equipment storage, a native plant nursery, and the bison capture and quarantine facilities and is closed to the public year-round.

There are three methods that will be used to reduce the bison population. Some bison will be taken by public and tribal hunting outside Yellowstone. Others will be transferred to American Indian tribes for processing and distribution of their meat and hides to tribal members. Other will be held in quarantine until they are confirmed to be free of brucellosis, and will then be transferred to herds on tribal lands.

The National Park Service takes the bison herd reduction as another opportunity to remind visitors that unmanned aircraft (drones) are prohibited in Yellowstone National Park.

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