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Black Bear Raiding Camps in Shoshone Forest

Written by on July 10, 2017

Three new cases of a black bear entering occupied campsites in the Washakie Ranger District have prompted the Shoshone National Forest to issue a release reminding the public about mandatory food storage rules.
There have been three cases of a black bear entering occupied campsites between Willow Creek Ski Area and Slate Creek on the southern end of the Washakie Ranger District in the past week. In at least one instance, the bear obtained human food. Officials say the bear appears habituated to people and was bold and difficult for campers to frighten from their camps.
The entire Shoshone National Forest has a Food Storage Special Order in effect that requires all attractants to be properly stored when unattended and overnight. Attractants include all pet food, clothes worn while cooking, grease on camp stoves and eating and cooking areas that haven’t been wiped down. Officials say this order is meant to prevent bears from obtaining food rewards and losing their fear of people.
Campers are cautioned that they should never store attractants in their tents; instead, they should store anything that might attract bears inside vehicles, hard sided campers, horse trailers, bear canisters, or bear boxes.
If you observe a bear in camping areas or other potential conflict situations, immediately report the incident to your local Game and Fish office, or Game and Fish dispatch at 1-877-WGFD-TIP.

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