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BLM Urges Caution to Prevent Fires

Written by on July 19, 2018

Last week’s Terek Fire between Worland and Ten Sleep brought the dangers of wildfires home to many residents.
And with the abundance of grass and other fine fuels on public lands, thanks to plenty of spring precipitation, the potential for more wildfires will only grow as the summer heat dries the vegetation.
Sarah Beckwith with the Bureau of Land Management says that it’s important to follow common sense safety guidelines in order to prevent grassland fires.
Beckwith gave a few suggestions as to how the public can be more fire-safe. She cautioned residents to check your vehicle to ensure that your tires are maintained, and if you are towing a boat or trailer, make sure your safety chains aren’t dragging on the ground. Never park your vehicle over dead grass and avoid driving through tall grass, and it’s a good idea to carry a shovel and fire extinguisher in your vehicle.
When camping, never leave your campfire unattended, and be sure your campfire is dead out before leaving or turning in for the night.
Additionally, Beckwith says that exploding targets are one of the major causes of wildfires on public lands in Wyoming, so if you are target shooting, take extra precautions.

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