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Brain Boosters for Better Health

Written by on April 25, 2019

When we think of getting healthy, we usually think of weight loss, cholesterol levels or blood sugar. But how often do we give attention to one of the most important organs in our body – our brain!? I’m Wendy Corr, and in today’s Wellness Tip, I’ll give you some ways in which you can boost your brain health.

Your brain is kind of important. I mean, think about it – it’s the control center of your body! It’s in charge of keeping your lungs breathing, your heart beating, your nerve endings sending messages to other parts of the body… but many of us don’t realize the damage that we’re doing to our brains by choosing unhealthy foods and habits.

So how do we keep our brains in top working condition?

Well, let’s start with food. Fatty fish and nuts are both excellent sources of omega-3 fatty acids, which help to feed our brains the good kinds of fats that keep it running smoothly. After all, 60% of our brain is actually made of fat! It needs those good, healthy fats to build brain and nerve cells, and to enhance and support learning and memory. Omega-3s also have been proven to slow age-related mental decline, and a lack of those good fats have been linked to learning impairments and depression.

And believe it or not, coffee helps boost your brain health! Coffee is rich in antioxidants, and with the caffeine boost, we’re talking about increased alertness, improved mood, and sharpened concentration. Another brain-enhancing beverage is green tea, which like coffee, enhances alertness and is rich in anti-oxidants that help protect the brain from mental decline and reduce the risk of Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s diseases.

Another great brain-booster is the spice turmeric. The active ingredient is curcumin, which is a potent anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory compound. It’s also been shown to benefit memory, ease depression and help new brain cells to grow.

Activity is also crucial for brain health – and I’m not just talking about exercise. Physical activity is crucial, as it boosts blood flow, increases the brain’s use of oxygen, and improves your brain’s response to stress. But just as important is USING your brain, learning new things, making new connections, which helps keep you sharp.

And don’t discount the importance of attitude! Thinking positive thoughts leads to positive changes in your brain, decision-making, and lifestyle.

Thanks for tuning in to Wellness With Wendy! As a certified holistic nutritionist, I enjoy sharing tips and tricks to staying healthy and at your best. Follow my blog on!

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