Buffalo Bill Dam Tunnels Being Inspected on March 10

Buffalo Bill Dam Tunnels To Be Inspected on March 10

Written by on March 4, 2021

 Cody and Wapiti residents need to prepare to stop and wait on Wednesday, March 10, as WYDOT gets some tunnel vision at the Buffalo Bill Dam.

WYDOT intends to do some work in the tunnels on Highway 14/16/20 by the Buffalo Bill Dam. The work isn’t intense, but it will cause some temporary slowdowns and altered traffic patterns.

Next Wednesday, March 10, WYDOT will be conducting lighting and structural inspections in the tunnels throughout the day. The timeframe for the work is 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

These inspections are fairly routine. Continued maintenance of the tunnels – including the longest one in the state of Wyoming – is important to ensure traffic blow between Cody and Wapiti is uninhibited.

To ensure the safety of the workers, there will be a single land closure for the tunnel during the day. A 20-mph speed limit will be in place and a pilot car will be taking traffic through the tunnel.

Cody’s WYDOT maintenance crew will be handling traffic control.

WYDOT apologizes for the inconvenience, saying these inspections are important to help WYDOT maintain its mission of providing a safe, high-quality, efficient transportation system for the citizens of Wyoming.

The most important thing for drivers to remember that day is to turn on their headlights and keep things slow. WYDOT district traffic engineer Jack Hoffman of Basin asks everyone to be extra cautious and light their way in the tunnel.

That’s a good suggestion at any time . . .

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