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Chocolate Style Explained

Written by on April 20, 2021


Have you ever thought before you ate a piece a chocolate and said to yourself “hmmm I wonder what this says about me?” According to a published author and therapist, the shape of the chocolates you pick reveal your personality. Does your stand true? Mine does 100%. Fudge filled and coconut. Yep that will be me!

Have you ever Googled “The Best Chocolate In Wyoming?” I did and oh boy I can’t wait to try them all.

Can you really only pick one?

  • Diamond-shaped: You like to be pampered.

  • Square: You are dependable, honest and truthful.

  • Round: You can be the life of the party, but also shallow.

  • Oval: You are creative and socially skillful.

  • Rectangle: You are calm and supportive.

  • Fudge-filled: You are very sensual.

  • Caramel: You are diligent in your endeavors.

  • Coffee: You are impatient.

  • Coconut: You are passionate.

  • Toffee: You are tough-minded.

What’s your shape when it comes to the chunks of chocolate?

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