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What color swimsuit do you wear? Is it the same every year? Sociologist Jackie Boles says you can learn a lot about your personality by the color of your bathing suit. Here’s a list of colors of suits and what it may mean for you:   Black — You are a very dramatic person and you…

Your walk is a beautiful combination of posture, grace & pace, and style.

Have you ever thought before you ate a piece a chocolate and said to yourself “hmmm I wonder what this says about me?”

What about those folks who don’t wear pajamas to bed?

According to an expert you can tell a lot about your personality just from your favorite desert.

Your personality could be a determining factor in how long you live. Ask your closest friends to describe your personality. The personality you have developed in your 20s can predict how long you will live across 75 years, and your peers are far better than you are at recognizing these personality traits, according to a…

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