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CHS Putting on “Romeo and Juliet” this Weekend

Written by on January 14, 2021

Cody high school will be putting on the production of Romeo and Juliet this weekend on January 15th and 16th at seven o’clock at the Wyona Thompson Auditorium.

The director, Annamarie Victor, along with Hannah Blasco and Justin Wiegand, the two stars of the performance, came onto KODI’s show Partyline on Tuesday to discuss all of the fun putting this production on has been.

Victor said part of the reason she chose the famous Shakespeare play was that it has “an underlying message of how hatred can really cause problems for a community and I just thought that we could maybe learn how to get along a little better.”

Blasco, who will be portraying Juliet, says that the majority of her Shakespeare knowledge comes from her freshman English class. She spoke of the illustrious language describing it as fluid and beautiful but that it takes time to grasp that art.

“It’s more of a way of thinking about love, like the way love feels, rather than the way that love actually is. I think it is a personification of the way it feels when you’re falling in love… I think that’s really beautiful” says Blasco of the play.

Wiegand, who will play Romeo says he enjoys the silliness of it all. “Some of the scenes that I have with that actors that play Benvolio and Mercutio are really fun… their are the sides where you act in love and have to be in love but I enjoy the ridiculous side of it because you just get to have fun.”

The show will be capping the audience count as 100 to stay safe and follow COVID-19 precautions. If you still wish to watch the production, Cactus Productions will be streaming the show as well from Friday night all the way through the weekend on Sunday.

The link to stream the show will be on Park County schools website and donations are accepted and encouraged.

The full interview can be heard here:

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