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Petition Made to Recall Liz Cheney

Written by on January 14, 2021

A Wyomingite by the name of Shelley Horn has started a petition to recall state representative Liz Cheney from her seat in the House. 

The petition states that “Liz Cheney does not speak for the people of Wyoming.” The people are aware the end result will more than likely be nothing when it comes to whether Cheney’s status in the House as Wyoming is not one of the 19 states allowed to recall a state representative but they want to be heard.

And they are.

The petition was created on Tuesday, January 12th and the petition as of 1:40 MST on the 14th of January is up to over 20,000 signatures.

In the “reasons for signing” section of the petition page, a common thread among the comments was that Cheney “does not represent the people of Wyoming” and that she has gone back on what she’s said to get elected in the first place.

There is reason to believe that the frustration and accusations have merit. Back in July of 2020, Cheney can be heard supporting President Trump along with operation “warp speed” while making it clear her stance against at that time Vice President Biden.

“All of these things are fundamentally important for people to understand as we look toward the future and as we look towards what it’s gonna to take to ensure that Republican’s get the majority back in the house and that Republicans keep the majority in the Senate, and that President Trump is re-elected.”

That is an instance of what is making people in Wyoming and around the nation are getting upset about.

On the other hand, there are instances that Liz Cheney has hinted this was her intention all along.

That same month last year though, she faced heavy criticism for her support of Dr. Fauci and the fact that President Trump needed to do more. Even tweeting back in May of 2020 that Dr. Fauci was someone that needed to be listened to and even thanked by all American citizens.

The bottom line is that Cheney is again facing the brunt of a lot of angry people, and it seems there is evidence that justifies the anger. On the other hand there is also evidence that points us to the conclusion that we maybe should have suspected this all along from the Congress member.

Go to Darian Dudrick’s Speak Your Pick poll on Liz Cheney to be heard.

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