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City Asks Residents to Help Keep the Community Clean

Written by on July 13, 2017

The City of Cody is asking residents to please adhere to the rules outlined in the nuisance ordinances of the City Code.
City Administrator Barry Cook says there have been three areas of concern that staff have identified as becoming problematic lately – high weeds, garage sale signs, and the dumping of large items that the City’s sanitation equipment isn’t prepared to handle.
Cook says that Cody is what he calls a “show community” – and the buildup of junk and weeds goes against the City’s efforts to keep the city neat.

Cook says that the nuisance ordinances outline that any grass or weeds over 12 inches must be cut, and yard sale signs are not allowed on stop signs and other utility or directional poles. Additionally, Cook points out that any large items set next to the dumpster can’t be picked up by their sanitation trucks, and in the summer when their resources are stretched, it takes extra time and effort to get crews around to clear those items. He says the ordinances outline that disposal of large items is the homeowner’s responsibility.

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