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City of Cody Begins Street Sweeping Your Neighborhood

Written by on June 16, 2020

You’ll need to consider where you’re parking for the next few weeks.

The City of Cody has and will continue to perform routine street sweeping services throughout the community. The sweeping has been ongoing every week since mid-May. You might have seen the vehicle chugging along Sheridan Avenue at that time. The entire city is broken down into 7 areas, which determines when your streets will be swept. With the major roads and highways outside of town completed, the effort now moves into more residential areas.

This week, the City of Cody will be sweeping the streets in sweeping area 4. In order to ensure this moves forward with the least amount of hassle and disturbance, it is asked that there be no parking on the north and east sides of the street today – Tuesday – and then no parking on the south and west sides of the street on Wednesday and Thursday. The city greatly appreciates everyone’s cooperation in this endeavor.

You can find a full breakdown of the street sweeping areas – either by color-coded map or a street-by-street breakdown – on the City of Cody website.

Sweeping Areas by Street 

Sweeping Areas Map

Here’s the map of this week’s affected area:

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