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Close Contact Sports & Activities Get the Governor’s Go-Ahead

Written by on September 16, 2020

Governor Gordon hasn’t changed the state’s COVID-19 restrictions moving into the latter half of September – with one notable exception.

During the now regularly scheduled mid-month review of the state’s COVID-19 situation, Governor Gordon applauded Wyoming for its perseverance, saying the state has really “held its own.”

“Schools are open and sports are being played on Fridays and Saturdays. We want to be careful to avoid going backward and losing the high ground we hold. Steady progress beats the alternative, which would be devastating to our businesses, our schools, and our citizens.”

On that note, there was one significant change to this round of restrictions: Order No. 1 now permits indoor close-contact group activities and sports to occur in all settings.

Gordon revealed he had been contemplating such a change for some time, but wanted to see how the reopening of schools and the Labor Day weekend impacted case numbers before moving forward.

Wyoming has averaged 31 cases a day for the past two weeks.

Otherwise, the major points of the state’s health orders remain the same:

  • Outdoor gatherings are only permitted to host 50% of venue capacity, with a maximum of 1,000 people soon long as social distancing and proper sanitization are observed.
  • Indoor gatherings in a confined space remain limited to 50 persons without restrictions and 250 persons if social distancing and sanitization measures are incorporated.

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