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Lone Star Fire Grows and Smolders – But Not Towards Old Faithful

Written by on September 16, 2020

The Lone Star Fire is now 3,914 acres and has the potential to grow larger thanks to the high temperatures and low humidity that’s feeding the flames.

On September 15, the entire fire was mapped and revealed the true extent it has burned through in Yellowstone. It is continuously being monitored to analyzing its spread potential, both how much and where it’s heading.

Activity is still described as “moderate smoldering and creeping” on the fire’s InciWeb page.

The smoke covering Cody and much of Wyoming and Montana is from the numerous fires still burning on the West Coast, although the Lone Star Fire is contributing its own smoke to the haze.

The fire is currently three miles south of Old Faithful and hasn’t made any threatening turns in that direction. Nevertheless, fuel reduction efforts continue in and around the Old Faithful residential area.

This will create a buffer against not only the Lone Star Fire but any future fires that could ignite in the vicinity.

The road between Old Faithful and West Thumb is open at this time. While there haven’t been any fire-related closures of that section of the Grand Loop Road since September 5, the road could still be closed suddenly and without warning, if the smoke causes low visibility along that route.

Yellowstone isn’t released daily updates on the fire at this point unless there is a significant development.

For the most up-to-date information on the Lone Star Fire, find its information page on InciWeb.

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