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Cody Horse Sale Sees One Horse Sold For $100,000

Written by on May 12, 2021

On Saturday May 8, the 23rd Annual Cody Horse Sale was on and the top three horses sold big.

The annual Cody Horse Sale brings in many horses to be auctioned off. This year 79 horses were up for bidding, three horses in the auction sold for over $40,000. Versace was the third highest horse sold at $40,000 from a bidder in Utah, with the second highest horse named Caliber was sold for $58,000.

The highest horse sold for $110,000. The horse is named LK Smokin Chex that a bidder from Montana won.

(All information can be found on their facebook page) and on their website.

Many other horses were sold at the event with saddled horses averaging around $29,000 while colts average around $2,000 dollars.

The video is from SLA TV who aired the auction on YouTube. Ln Smokin Chex’s bid can be found from 3:30:37-3:34:14. 

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