Cody Parks Staff Work to Make Parks Green Again

Written by on June 11, 2020

The grass isn’t always greener, and the City of Cody has noticed.

The Cody Department of Parks, Recreation, and Public Facilities released a statement on the Paul Stock Aquatic and Recreation Center’s Facebook page, regarding the state of the city parks. Specifically, the idea that some parks may look or feel neglected based on their current state. Some of Cody’s typically lush and green parks are looking less so – and nobody is more aware of this than the Department’s staff. It’s obvious to blame the pandemic, but the real reason is a bit more complex.

In context, the responsibilities of the Parks, Recreation, and Public Facilities staff is quite extensive. Four people – a supervisor, two full time and one part time employees – are in charge of 25 developed parks and over 8 miles of developed trails, 8 ball fields, and numerous landscaped areas. Couple that responsibility with drier spring weather, irrigation systems with multiple repairs (lines and heads), retirement of two long-time employees and one of those positions still not filled, staff out on medical leave, and the pandemic—it’s a lot for one department with a small staff to handle. As such, the priority has been the required maintain the higher usage parks first.

The Cody Department of Parks, Recreation, and Public Facilities will be working hard to bring all the city’s parks back to the standard we’ve all become accustomed to. But in the meantime, everyone’s patience and understanding are appreciated. If you have and want to voice any concerns, contact either the Mayor, the City Administrator, or our local city council membersCody .

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