Cody's Superintendent Speaks: A Message from Vernon Orndorff

Cody’s Superintendent Speaks: A Message from Vernon Ondorff

Written by on July 14, 2022

Vernon Orndorff released his first statement as the “Proud” Superintendent of Park County School District #6, praising “a great community and a great school system.”

Vernon Orndorff, M.Ed, has arrived in Cody and officially taken up his position as Superintendent of Park County School District #6. Orndorff was hired in February after a nationwide search.

His first act as Superintendent was to release a statement, published on the Park County School District #6 website. The statement is posted in its entirety below.

Courtesy Park County School District #6

Park County School District #6 families, friends, and guests,

Thank you for such a warm welcome that my family and I received on our arrival in Park County School District 6. My wife, Cindy, my daughter Ivey (who will be attending Cody High School as a Senior) and I are thankful for the opportunity to be members of the Park 6 community. Our twins, Bobby and Joseph attend college at the University of Wyoming and Lane Community College in Eugene, Oregon. My second oldest son Jake, his wife, and our grandson and granddaughter living in Washington have already visited us, and my oldest son Mark, his wife, and our grandson living in Tennessee plan to visit soon. We are so fortunate to live in such a beautiful area.

Over the past five months, I have stayed engaged with the Park County School District 6 Team through phone calls, text messages, zoom meetings, video, and other avenues staying connected until my first official day of service. July 1st could not have come fast enough. During this time, I have had the distinct pleasure of meeting students, parents, families, community members, our local law enforcement, elected officials, business leaders, the Park County School District 6 staff, faculty, administrators, and the Board of Trustees.

Parents and families, thank you for your dedication, and for supporting your children. I have met so many young people in the Park 6 community. I am impressed with how they conduct themselves. They are respectful, friendly, and willing to take the time to visit with me. This is a direct reflection of their parents and families. Again, thank you.

During my time visiting all of our schools, I admire the selfless dedication all our employees demonstrate in their work to serve and support our Park 6 Scholars.  We are fortunate to have employees in each department that provides support to our scholars, staff, faculty, and administration. The individuals in these departments are passionate and take ownership of their work.

The professional educators and administrators of Park 6 strive to provide an academic environment that is challenging and one that prepares our students for the future while offering an array of first-class co-curricular and extra-curricular activities providing a well-rounded balance of experience in our scholars’ lives.

We are so fortunate to have a dynamic Board of Trustees with a genuine focus to serve the school district, students, employees, and this community. When they come together, they are a strong governing body making bold decisions to serve and support our scholars, professional educators, staff, and what best serves Park 6 school district and this community.

Having served for over 30 years in education as a teacher at all grade levels, a school administrator at all grade levels, and a superintendent, I am eager to cultivate the accomplishments this dynamic board has supported, our professional educators have provided, and our students have established. Without our families and community support, we could not continue the dynamic learning opportunities Park 6 has to offer.

Park County School District 6 cannot do this alone, it takes our parents, families, and all the stakeholders of this community. We need to stand together establishing unity to cultivate a great community and great school system. These two go hand in hand and cannot exist without the other.

Growing leaders in every aspect of instructional leadership will be a focus. With dynamic leaders, we can provide our scholars with learning opportunities that will prepare them for their future so they can compete on a global level in the endeavors they choose.

Park County School District 6 will strive for perfection in providing a safe environment conducive to learning where students are challenged, given opportunities for critical thinking, collaboration, creativity, innovation, and leveraging technology to enhance the learning environment.  I am honored and proud to serve as your superintendent of schools.

 Vernon Orndorff

Proud Superintendent – Park County School District #6

The Big “3” Do what is right – Do your best – Treat others the way you want to be treated

Superintendent Vernon Orndorff can be reached at his new district email:

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