COVID-19 Vaccine: Park County Has Same Supply, Lower Demand - and Summer is Coming

COVID-19 Vaccine: Park County Has Same Supply, Lower Demand – and Summer is Coming

Written by on April 7, 2021

The vaccination sensation continues in Park County, but there are still more vaccines than people signing up for clinics with summer right around the corner.

Park County Public Health has released the latest vaccination numbers for Park County. Once again, a healthy number of residents are making the healthy choice to get vaccinated.

As of Monday, April 5, 15,526 doses of the vaccine have been given. Of that number, 6,511 people have received both doses and are fully vaccinated.

Park County Public Health is no longer the only game in town. Billings Clinic, Medical Center Pharmacy, Walgreen’s, Albertsons, and Heritage Healthcare are all offering COVID-19 vaccines. The Cody VA Clinic has its own supply of vaccines available for area veterans.

While these are great numbers, there are concerning trends – as the year progresses, sign-ups are going down.

The next first-dose clinic is Thursday, April 8, at the Cody Auditorium. Of the 600 available spots, only 345 people have signed up.

This isn’t a new phenomenon. Recent local clinics have encountered similar problems – a surplus of vaccines with a lack of Park County residents signing up.

On the one hand, this is expected. As more Park County residents get vaccinated, fewer people need the vaccine.

On the other hand, there’s still plenty of doses and plenty of people who could benefit from the vaccine.

And summer is coming . . .

Park County Public Health Nurse Bill Crampton is concerned that there’s a lack of interest driving the downturn. As summer approaches, “fewer people will be so busy they will forget the importance of getting the COVID vaccine.”

While vaccinations and plentiful and restrictions are lessening, this isn’t the time to let our guard down. Summer means tens of thousands of people visiting the region – vaccinated and unvaccinated.

Everyone is keen to avoid another surge of cases.

Crampton considers Sunday, May 9 – Mother’s Day – as the summer season’s official beginning in Park County.

While the vaccine is and will remain voluntary, all eligible adults are strongly encouraged to receive it. It will not only keep them safe but their families and the community at large.

Several clinics are still available. All clinics in Cody are at the Cody Auditorium between 9 a.m. and 3 p.m.

Find all the relevant COVID-19 vaccine information and sign up for clinics on the Park County Public Health website.

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