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Dangers on City Trails

Written by on June 15, 2018

Hikers beware – there are a few dangers on the trails in and around Cody right now.
Cody Parks and Recreation director Rick Manchester says that a portion of the Shoshone River Trail at the bottom of 12th Street near the Belfry Bridge is under about 5 inches of water, so that path has been closed for an undetermined amount of time.

Manchester says that flooding in this area is a rare occasion – in his nine years with the City, it’s only happened one other time. And he says there aren’t any other trails in the City’s system that are in danger of flooding.
However, Manchester says another danger should be pointed out to outdoor enthusiasts in the City – he says that there have been several reports of rattlesnakes sighted on that trail, as well as the Beck Lake Trail.

Manchester urges anyone who sees rattlesnakes or notices other dangers on the City trails, contact the City of Cody, or in the case of wildlife, contact the Cody Game and Fish office.

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