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Daylight Savings Time Bill Passes House

Written by on February 1, 2019

A bill whose time may have finally come has passed the Wyoming House.

For four sessions, Representative Dan Laursen of Powell has proposed a bill that would eliminate the twice-yearly change of clocks, and permanently put the state on Daylight Savings Time. And for the first time, the Wyoming House of Representatives agreed. House Bill 14 passed on Monday by a 35-23 vote, and heads now to the Senate.

But the passage of the bill won’t mean that we get to spring our clocks ahead anytime soon. Even if the Senate passes the legislation, the state would only switch over to the new system if at least three neighboring states agreed to do the same, AND if the federal government agreed.

Proponents of the bill, led by Laursen, believe that the time change twice a year is hard on workers, the elderly, children, and even pets. That’s according to an article in the Powell Tribune. However, representatives who voted against the bill expressed concern that it would lead to confusion for people who live close to the border of other states who wouldn’t be on the same clock.

Representatives Jamie Flitner of Greybull and Sandy Newsome of Cody voted against the bill.

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