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Dead Duck Mystery Solved at Valley School

Written by on November 1, 2017

A murder mystery at Valley School on the South Fork near Cody has been solved. But the victims in this case were… ducks.
Last month, South Fork Game Warden Grant Gerharter responded to a report of multiple ducks killed and left in front of the Valley Elementary School. Several of the ducks were missing their heads and there was a blood smear left behind on the side of the building.
After it was determined that the school had a security camera, Gerharter said he thought he was finally catching a lucky break and the persons responsible for such a disrespectful act could be identified. However, after reviewing the footage, it was discovered that two owls had killed the ducks and even dropped one, which hit the side of the school, leaving a smear of blood on the building. The mystery was solved.
Officials with the Game and Fish Department say that owls commonly choose to consume the brain and/or head of their prey first because it is high in fat and nutrients. They hypothesize that this may have been two juvenile owls sharpening their hunting skills.

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