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Delinquent Taxes Set for Auction

Written by on August 7, 2018

Property owners who owe taxes from 2017 have just a week to pay what’s due before their taxes go to auction next Wednesday.
The Park County Treasurer’s Office says that over $208,000 in taxes have yet to be paid by owners of 280 property parcels in the County – that’s the most in recent history. And Treasurer Barb Poley says that they would much rather have the taxes paid than put them up for auction.

Poley says that often the taxes owed are simply an oversight, if a property has changed hands recently, a homeowner is unaware that they have to pay their taxes twice a year, or property owners forget to pay their irrigation if their property taxes are escrowed. She says that their staff makes every attempt to contact property owners, but have not been able to reach everyone. The average amount owed is $745.

The tax auction will be held on Wednesday, August 15th, and anyone with delinquent taxes can pay in full either over the phone or at the Courthouse before August 14th.

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