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Does your Dog Like to Watch TV?

Written by on April 8, 2021

According to a survey, 50% of pet owners claim that their dog enjoys watching TV.

This just goes to show how much we really do care for those doggies of ours. Apparently so much so that it’s important we keep them up to date with ‘Criminal Minds’ or maybe the daily news.

I know that my office mate does this for her dog and she says more than anything now they do it because they always have. Switching up the routine could possibly freak out the dog.

That I can get behind. A dog only knows so much, and it’s possible that the TV being on is something that he/she has become accustomed to.

When I had a dog I would try and remember to turn the TV on and my reasoning was always so that they don’t feel lonely. Maybe those voices will create the illusion that I am only in the bathroom or something.

Pretty funny stuff we do for our pets. How great would it be if they actually disliked the TV being on and just wanted some peace and quiet?

If your dog actually does suffer from separation anxiety, the TV may be a short-term solution, but that won’t absolve them from the anxiety. Make sure and do a little more research if your furry friend gets a little nervous when you leave the house.

In the meantime though, make sure your pet is diversified in good cinema. We don’t want our dogs getting together for playdates barking about Nicolas Cage. Let’s give them the Leonardo DiCaprios, the Matt Damons of the world instead.

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