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Electric Fence Approved at Cody Landfill

Written by on July 19, 2017

Bears who frequent the Cody landfill looking for food will have to go somewhere else to find a free meal.
Park County commissioners yesterday approved a plan to purchase and install an electric fence surrounding the Cody landfill, in an effort to keep bears from becoming habituated to human food, which adds to the potential for human-bear conflict.
Dusty Lassiter with the Game and Fish Department said that there aren’t very many bears that frequent the landfill yet, and this request is an effort to get ahead of bear conflicts. He told the commissioners that this is a human safety issue.

The meeting drew comments from both supporters of the proposal and opposition. Residents Jim and Martie Clark expressed their concern for future bear conflicts, noting that if bears aren’t able to get into the landfill they will turn their attention to the residential areas to get food. However, Jenny Hall with the Greater Yellowstone Coalition and Joe Kondelis with the Yellowstone Country Bear Hunters Association both expressed their support for the project.

Kondelis added that their association has volunteered labor to help tear down the existing fence in order to help with costs. According to Lassiter, installation of the fence will cost the County just $3500, although they will be responsible for maintenance as well as the cost of the electricity. The Commissioners unanimously approved the proposal.

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