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Enzi Apologizes for LGBTQ Comment

Written by on April 26, 2017

Sen. Mike Enzi apologized yesterday for comments he made last week to a group of Greybull students regarding LGBTQ people in Wyoming.

On Thursday, Enzi was speaking to students at Greybull High School and Middle School when a student asked him what he was doing to support lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender or queer people in Wyoming.  Mathew Burciaga, an editor at the Greybull Standard, was at the event, and reports that Enzi said that it’s fine to be a member of the LGBTQ community ― but if you’re too open about it, don’t be surprised if you get picked on.

According to the transcript provided by the newspaper, Enzi said, quote, “I know a guy who wears a tutu and goes to bars on Friday night and is always surprised that he gets in fights. Well, he kind of asks for it,” endquote.

Enzi apologized in a statement, expressing regret for, quote, “a poor choice of words”, endquote, adding that he believes all individuals should be treated with respect, and that he does not believe that anyone should be bullied, intimidated or attacked because of their beliefs.

Sara Burlingame, the public education and outreach coordinator for Wyoming Equality, also said yesterday that Enzi personally called her organization and apologized for his remarks.

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