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YRA Among Top Most Difficult Airports for Pilots

Written by on April 26, 2017

To the average traveler, New York’s LaGuardia and our local Yellowstone Regional Airport would appear to have little in common. But both made the list of the U.S.’s top ten airports that pilots hate flying into.

The list was compiled by Honeywell Aerospace, which is developing tools to make these airfields a little less difficult. For the study, which was released last month, the company drew on data from its own team of test pilots, plus the larger pilot community, the Federal Aviation Administration, and other aviation experts.

YRA Manager Bob Hooper says that each of the airports on the list share factors that can make landings tricky – terrain, the airport environment, and the weather.

According to the list, some of the most challenging airports in the US include Aspen, Colorado; Butte, Montana; Cody; Ronald Reagan Airport in Washington, DC, San Diego, California; and Juneau, Alaska, among others.

However, Hooper pointed out that there are many aspects of Yellowstone Regional Airport that make it a great airport to utilize.

Additionally, Hooper says that YRA is working with a company that specializes in airport approaches to help pilots better land at the Cody airfield.

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