Extinguished Again - Cody Fire School Canceled in 2022

Extinguished Again – Cody Fire School Canceled in 2022

Written by on March 6, 2022

The annual Cody Fire School has been canceled due to “scheduling conflicts,” the second time in five years Cody has gone without the important off-season event.

Since 1974, Cody has held a consistently – high-caliber fire school during the first weekend in May. Tradition and the high quality of classes, instructors, and facilities of the Cody Fire School attract firefighters of all types and levels of experience to come to Cody to participate.

But not this year.

In a March 6 Facebook post, the Cody Fire School unceremoniously announced there will be no fire school in 2022.

A more thorough explanation is provided on the Fire School’s website, informing participants of this year’s cancellation.

 Dear Cody Fire School Attendees

In an effort to ensure a quality fire school experience, we have decided to cancel the 2022 Cody Fire School. We are doing this because of unforeseen scheduling conflicts that would limit our vendors, instructors, and our students. We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused. We look forward to a successful 2023 Fire School in the future.

Thank You

The message is signed by the members of the Fire School Committee: Chairman Hank Avery, Scott Michaels, and Andrew Richardson.

No additional information on the factors which canceled this year’s fire school is available.

Based on previous social media posts, the decision to cancel the 2022 Cody Fire School seems sudden. As recently as Feb. 23, the Cody Fire School was looking for donated vehicles so participants could practice auto extraction.

One clue is located on the webpage for the school’s course schedule. The school’s ventilation class was already canceled due to the shortage and high prices of lumber.

Cody Fire School logo

Courtesy Cody Fire School

This is the second time the Cody Fire School has been “extinguished” in the last five years.

The 2020 class was canceled due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Thankfully, it ensured that the next program would be bigger and better attended.

Over 350 regional firefighters participated in the 2021 Cody Fire School. In addition, instructors from Denver and California came to Cody to provide instruction over the educational weekend.

Historically, the program has also been an important off-season revenue event for Cody. Firefighters and their families spend their money at the community’s hotels and restaurants before the flood the summer tourism arrives.

Chairman Hank Avery said there was more interest in last year’s class after the 2020 cancellation. He also cited the Cody community for their support of the program – the fuel that keeps the fire school alight year after year.

“We appreciate everyone’s donations and help with making this happen,” Avery says. “If we don’t have this training, our firefighters aren’t prepared for any of the dangers we have to face. It’s very important.”

The 2023 Cody Fire School will take place from Friday, May 5, to Sunday, May 7.

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