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Floodgates Opening at Regional Reservoirs

Written by on April 26, 2017

The Bureau of Reclamation is opening the floodgates in the region, literally.

In expectation of high snowmelt runoff, releases from Buffalo Bill Dam to the Shoshone River are currently at 3,000 cubic feet per second, in an attempt to lower the water level at Buffalo Bill Reservoir about eleven more feet in May to prepare for peak run-off.

Bureau of Reclamation Wyoming Area Manager Carlie Ronca says that as the spring run-off occurs, releases from the Reservoir to the River are projected to reach 5,500 cubic feet per second in June. Recreationists are encouraged to use caution regarding changing reservoir levels and high river flows.

Releases from Boysen Dam to the Wind River are currently at 5,500 cubic feet per second. As the reservoir experiences peak run-off, releases to the Wind River are expected to reach flows up to 6,500 cfs.

The National Weather Service reports that moderate to high potential for flooding due to snowmelt is expected over portions of the North and South Forks of the Shoshone River Basin, and moderate potential for flooding is expected across the upper to middle portions the of the Little and Big Wind watersheds.

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