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Food News – May 2023

Written by on May 27, 2023

Lots of things have been happening that have Foodies excited (or maybe a bit disgruntled.)  Here’s a quick recap of what’s been dropping in the last few weeks…

  • This week, Dairy Queen confirmed that they’re discontinuing their beloved cherry-dipped cones. “DQ is always rotating our dipped cone flavors and Cherry Dipped Cones may return in the future.”
  • Earlier this month, Blue Bell dropped a new Dr. Pepper Float ice cream flavor. The new flavor will be available in pint and half-gallon sizes at major grocery stores in select states through 2024 (including Wyoming!)
  • The Starbucks summer menu kicked off May 9th & with it came two new drinks – White chocolate macadamia cream cold brew & the chocolate java mint Frappuccino.
  • Speaking of Starbucks, the coffee giant also announced this month that they’re switching out their classic cubed ice for ice nuggets, in an attempt to cut its water footprint in half by 2030.
  • Jumping on the Churro Bandwagon is KitKat!
  • For all the Cheetos Lovers out there: Cheetos Flamin’ Hot snacks are only a temporary thing. Once they’re gone this summer, they’re gone.
  • Kraft Singles are getting a major makeover, with not only “easier to open individual wrapping” but also a refreshed logo and new packaging design. It’s the product’s first redesign in five years.

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