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G&F Investigating Bear Attack

Written by on September 18, 2018

Wildlife officials are puzzled why a grizzly bear that killed a hunting guide and injured his client was behaving so aggressively.
Two grizzly bears attacked guide Mark Uptain and his client, Cory Chubon, Friday, and the female charged five Wyoming Game and Fish Department employees Sunday in the wilderness east of Grand Teton National Park after they had trapped the yearling bear in a foot snare. Two game officers opened fire, killing the sow. After examining the young bear and determining that it was also involved in the attack on the hunter and guide, game officials euthanized the yearling.
State game department official Brad Hovinga said Monday that the female bear’s later attack made sense because the workers had trapped her cub, but says it’s unclear why they attacked earlier. The hunter and guide were cutting up an elk but the bears didn’t appear to be after the meat or taken by surprise.
When the guide’s body was found, it was determined that he had discharged a can of bear spray, which Game and Fish later determined had been sprayed at the female bear.
This was the seventh suspected fatal attack by a grizzly in the Yellowstone region since 2010.

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