Gordon vs Polis: Governors "Spar" Over Weld County's True Home

Gordon vs Polis: Governors “Spar” Over Weld County’s True Home

Written by on February 4, 2021

It’s a gubernatorial “turf and post” war over Weld County.

Over the past few weeks, regional interest has increased over “Weld County Wyoming,” an initiative to have the residents of Weld County, Colorado vote on the possibility of seceding from Colorado and becoming the 24th county of Wyoming. The initiative’s Facebook has over five thousand likes and is seeking donations for their ballot initiative.

Now, both states’ governors have added their fuel to the fire – and it’s a little heated.

In a Feb. 1 radio interview with KOA, a Denver-based station, Wyoming Governor Mark Gordon suggested Weld County would be more than welcome.

“We would love that,” Gordon said. “You know, from time to time states have said, ‘Gosh, we love what Wyoming is doing,’ and so we’d be happy.”

This statement got a response from Colorado Governor Jared Polis via Facebook:

“Hands off Weld County, Governor Mark Gordon. Weld County is a thriving part of Colorado and Weld County residents are proud to be part of our great state. I do hear from so many Cheyenne residents, on the other hand, that they are culturally, economically, and socially more connected to Colorado than Wyoming…”

While the implications of secession and annexation are there, the exchange seems to be in good humor. Even if both governors agreed, the possibility of Weld County leaving one state for another is fraught with regional and national complications and would likely require a hearing and vote from the U.S. Congress in order to proceed.

The possibility of Weld County’s Wyoming future is extremely unlikely – something Governors Gordon and Polis seem to know.

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