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Greybull Man Accused of Fraud and Theft

Written by on November 2, 2017

A young Greybull man is in legal trouble, accused of fraud and theft in obtaining thousands of dollars of guns and equipment at Linton’s Big R in Powell.
19 year old Greybull resident Bryceton Foley appeared in court last week on two felony charges. The arrest came after Powell Police Officer Trevor Carpenter obtained Foley’s real name, address and other information from a background check conducted by store employees.
Court documents state that on September 25th, Foley visited Linton’s several times, purchasing two rifles, a concealed carry jacket, and ammunition for both guns, among other items, and putting those purchases on the account of a man he said was his father. It was only after he returned to the store to buy additional rounds that store employees denied him.
Store employees showed Officer Carpenter the background check information, which had raised no red flags for the staff. Carpenter contacted the owner of the account, who denied giving Foley access, but acknowledged that the young man used to be friends with his son.
Foley was arrested on September 27th, but spent a week in the Park County Detention Center before his father, Greybull mayor Myles Foley, paid his bail. Foley appeared in court on October 26th and plead not guilty to both charges.

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