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Grinch Arrested in Powell

Written by on December 18, 2019

Every student in Powell likes Christmas a lot, but the Grinch who was sighted in Powell did not.

The Powell Police got a call on the phone – the Grinch was off grinching and his cover was blown.

He was lurking around by the Southside School. He had taken some items and that wasn’t cool.

He carried a bag which was fully stuffed tight with some sweets and some toys and a tree full of lights.

The officers puzzled on this surreal scene, but they quickly deduced t’was a devilish scheme.

The Grinch had relapsed to his villainous ways. He was back stealing Christmas – its in just a few days!

The officers hollered “Stop! Cease and desist!” But the Grinch made his choice, with a jump and a twist.

He ran from the cops, so the cops joined the chase, until one caught the Grinch by the scruff of his waist.

Handcuffed and arrested, his scheme was now done – the Grinch fought the law, but law had now won.

And now Powell’s full of Christmastime cheer. And the Grinch is locked up – at least til next year.


Merry Christmas!!!!


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