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High Water Poses Danger

Written by on June 13, 2018

The Park County Sheriff’s Office is cautioning residents and visitors that this year’s high mountain snowmelt means that conditions on the Shoshone River are unsafe.
An unexpectedly high spring run-off has caused local streams and rivers to run at an unusually high and rapid pace. For the next few weeks, the Park County Sheriff’s Office and Search and Rescue recommends that recreation in or near high or swift water should be avoided until the run-off slows.
However, if you do plan on recreating around streams and rivers at this time, they offer some safety considerations. Be aware of your surroundings, especially with children near swift water. Slippery rocks, an unstable shoreline or even a distraction that takes your focus away from the water, can cause an accident quickly and quietly.
If you don’t know how to swim, wear a properly fitting personal floatation device (life jacket) for all activities near a swift-running river. Keep a close watch on children even if they are far from the water. Never allow children to walk, play or climb on slippery rocks and logs near swift-moving rivers and streams.
And NEVER go in the water after someone in trouble – authorities say that the best practice is to attempt to safely rescue the victim from shore and call for help immediately.

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