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I Got A COVID Shot

Written by on April 15, 2021

** First of all, I want to start by saying that I’m strictly sharing my experience & in no way am I trying to convince any of you to go against your personal beliefs, regarding Covid & the vaccine shot **

Last Thursday I went to the Cody Auditorium & got my first Covid shot.  For me, it was a pretty harmless experience & thankfully I had no side effects.  “Why?” you ask.  Well, there are a few reasons, but the biggest one is that I wanted to remain healthy for my family. Above everything else in my life, family is the most important thing to me.

When we were quarantined for just over two weeks in January, my Covid symptoms felt like a simple head cold.  And knowing that a few of my friends had worse symptoms than I did, made me realize that it could’ve been so much worse. Even now, I still go out in public with a mask on, simply because I could still get sick again.  “But what if it was worse this time & I ended up in the hospital?”  This is something that still weighs heavy on my mind.

In two weeks, I’ll go back for my second shot, just days after my daughter’s 6th birthday – I’m not only doing this for me, but I’m doing this for my girls as well.  Regardless of what you decide about the shot, hopefully, 2021 will be a little bit more normal for all of us.

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