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It Aint Over Until… The Ice Sings?

Written by on March 22, 2021

Here in Wyoming we are extremely prideful of what mother nature provides for us here. Whether it be the breathtaking mountain ranges, the incredibly fascinating wildlife, or any and every season imaginable, Wyoming never ceases to amaze.

That streak didn’t change here with this video of singing ice right outside Lander Wyoming on Frye Lake.

It almost sounds like a party is going on under the frozen frigid layer of ice! Their is no consistency to it really so I think they may need to fire the DJ but it is so cool to listen to!

The weird sci-fi-ish sounds come from drastic changes in temperatures causing the ice to expand and contract. The vibrations create these ambient sounds that replicate that of a (out of tune) choir.

I have yet to take a trip to this specific lake in the Shoshone National Forest but I will definitely try and make the trip to try out my harmonizing skills!

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