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It’s Ok…It’s On The Way

Written by on March 18, 2021

Do not worry everything is ok! It is Mother Natures fault. 

I know this looks so scary that everything is completely gone.

Minus what looks like everything our moms try to make us eat and drink as kids.

Just empty. Really really empty. No water, veggies, juice, dairy, no anything.

Due to the serious snowstorms the trucks have been stuck trying to get to us.

They will be here as soon they can. The important thing is they get here safe.

Our local stores are doing the best they possibly can to help provide us the goods we need and also want. I went in for dinner stuff and came out with wood burning kit. Guess I have new hobby! The trucks are doing their best to get us and keep up with us. Here in Wyoming, we can eat that is for sure. See example below.

The vegetables are gone. Point proven right there! I over heard a dad convincing his little boy that artichokes and broccoli are his favorite food ever. The kid thought about and said basically you are right and grabbed some broccoli and tossed it in the cart.

Parenting tip 101: Tell them they love it. Noted.

When you are out and about remember to be kind to each other. We are all in this together! Thank you to those you have braved the storm to get to us here in Wyoming.




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