Laramie County GOP Asks For Censure of Park County Republican

Laramie County GOP Asks For Censure of Park County Republican

Written by on October 25, 2021

While the Park County Republican Party might want to leave a threatening email behind them, some Wyoming Republicans say more punitive action is needed.

Wyoming Republicans have spent the last few weeks processing an email sent by Troy Bray, a precinct committeeman with the Park County Republican Party. While the local party has put the email behind them, other state Republicans think it merits more discussion.

In an email sent to state Sen. Tara Nethercott, R-Cheyenne, Bray expressed his frustration with the failure to pass a bill that would have prevented vaccine mandates in Wyoming government agencies. Bray told Nethercott she was “despicable” and should commit suicide for her vote against the bill.

Bray has since apologized for the last word of his email – a four-letter word derogatory towards women – and signing it with his official title of precinct committeeman. But he still calls Nethercott and her supporters “cowards.”

Laramie County Republican Party

Now, in an official resolution, another county Republican Party is formally asking for a punitive measure to be taken against Bray.

During a meeting on Tuesday, Oct. 19, the Laramie County Republican Party’s central committee voted to send a resolution to the Wyoming Republican Party.  The committee is calling on the State party to censure Bray for his email immediately.

According to the Cowboy State Daily, the Laramie County G.O.P. called Bray’s conduct “foul” and said that he both dehumanized and “vilely degrad[ed] Nethercott” in his email. They say such actions are not becoming of the Wyoming Republican Party and its membership.

“It is incumbent upon us as members of the W.Y.G.O.P. to condemn such abhorrent behavior done by a fellow member of the W.Y.G.O.P. under signature of his official title in the Park County Republican Party,” the resolution said.

The Laramie County Republicans aren’t asking for resignation or an apology, they’re asking for a censure – something that probably won’t happen.

Frank Eathorne, Chairman of the Wyoming Republican Party, has already said Bray will not face any repercussions from the state party. During a meeting earlier this month, the Wyoming Republican Party condemned Bray’s language in the email but said they would not indulge in “cancel culture” by forcing a resignation.

Ultimately, any punitive action was left to the Park County Republican Party.

Meanwhile, the Park County Republican Party has already decided against taking any action against Bray and seems resentful other groups are pushing for more punishment.

“The man did something wrong, he apologized for it … and Sen. Nethercott accepted that apology,” says Mark Kimmet, Chairman of the Park County Republican Party. “To me, that’s where it should have ended instead of certain people and certain press making a political issue of it. Really, it wasn’t a political issue, it was a personal issue.”

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