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Look: See How Good Choices Are Recognized in Cody

Written by on May 3, 2022

Social media is a powerful tool. It provides a way to instantly communicate with other social media users, it is the leading platform in which people get their news and has been a catalyst for developing new methods of marketing.

Members of the popular Facebook group titled “Cody Area Classifieds” found this post within their Facebook feeds yesterday afternoon. The post would surpass one thousand likes and obtained 60 comments within twenty-four hours.

The picture reads “Dear Cody Patron, I saw you pulled up to a restaurant last night and your truck is still here this morning! I noticed you were throwing a few back with friends and having a great time. THANK YOU… For choosing to be responsible and getting a ride home! Enclosed is a voucher for a free oil change and a gift card for $200.”

After reading the kind gesture, members of the community expressed their gratitude by commenting things such as, “Sheer kindness”, “a good decision deserves an award”, and “love this community.”

Twenty-Seven people die from drunk driver crashes per day in the U.S. More than 50 people in Wyoming die every year from alcohol-involved crashes.

Simple acts like these can make a huge difference! Make the smart choice before getting behind the wheel.

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