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Lower Southfork Bridge Re-Opens

Written by on March 25, 2019

The warmer weather is finally starting to make a difference in the ice-logged rivers and streams near Cody.

This weekend, the Park County Road and Bridge Department was able to re-open a bridge on the Lower South Fork that has been encased in ice for over two weeks. On Saturday, County Road & Bridge District Foreman Ron Nieters was able to break loose the remaining ice around the bridge supports.

County Engineer Brian Edwards says that he has inspected the structural supports and connections and did not find any noticeable damage. Although there are still some thick ice ledges upstream of the bridge, the river is now open and low enough that the structural integrity of the bridge is no longer being threatened.

With the warmer temperatures forecast for the next week, the County doesn’t anticipate any further problems at the bridge related to ice build-up this season. However, localized flooding is still possible in the area.

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