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Mountain Lion Attacks Dog on North Fork

Written by on September 19, 2017

A mountain lion got more than what she bargained for when she went looking for an easy meal on the North Fork Sunday night.
Cody resident Mike Darby says he and his wife Kim were asleep at their home on the North Fork Highway near Yellowstone Valley Inn about 11:30 Sunday night when their son woke them up reporting horrible noises outside.

Darby says that he grabbed the tail of the mountain lion to try to get it away from the dog while his wife got a gun, and he let go of the tail and was able to shoot the lion, although it took three shots to kill it. When Game and Fish arrived the next morning, Game Warden Travis Crane declared the dog, who survived with only minor injuries, very lucky.
Darby says that wildlife in their residential area is not unusual, due to the proximity of their home to the mountains.

Darby says the mountain lion was an older female that was in poor condition, and Game and Fish will be doing an autopsy to determine if the animal had any other health issues.

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