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Walk Across Wyoming Accomplishes Goals

Written by on September 19, 2017

A Cody doctor last Friday completed a journey of almost 400 miles on foot from one corner of the state to another, and she said she’d do it again, to save a life.
Dr. Terresa Humphries Wadsworth reached her destination in Cheyenne on September 15 after walking through intense heat, hard rain, battling blisters and avoiding traffic for fifteen days. Her Walk Across Wyoming was an effort to raise awareness for suicide prevention, and she says there were parts of her walk that paralleled the effort that people who battle mental health issues face daily.

Wadsworth says that she had lots of help along the way from her traveling partner, Kelly Eckerdt, but also was encouraged by the people that she met along the way – she says often strangers would open up to her about their own stories, and she felt like her mission of raising awareness for suicide prevention was being fulfilled.

Wadsworth says that although the experience was rewarding, she doesn’t think she would do it again to raise awareness – but she says if it meant saving a life, she would.

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