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New Flu Season Means A New Flu Shot – Why You Should Get One

Written by on October 4, 2019

October is the beginning of influenza season, and the Wyoming Department of Health encourages everyone to get a flu shot for protection.

The 2018-2019 flu season was longer and more severe than in years past, with 23 deaths and hundred of hospitalizations in Wyoming alone. Kim Deti, the Public Information Officer for the Wyoming Department of Health, explains that anyone over 6 months should get a vaccine, but the elderly, pregnant women, and anyone with other medical issues are particularly vulnerable.

Influenza is a contagious respiratory illness, not a stomach bug. The symptoms can be easily confused with other, less serious illnesses like the common cold. Many symptoms can occur suddenly. Deti says that getting a vaccine is not only the best way to protect yourself, but those around you as well. Individuals who cannot get a vaccine will be protected if everyone around them does get one. 

In addition to getting the vaccine, The Wyoming Department of Health recommends other precautions like thorough handwashing, sneezing into your elbow rather than your hand, and staying home when you have influenza symptoms.

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