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New Ordinances Assist Police

Written by on April 4, 2018

The Cody Police Department may soon have new tools that will help them better serve the public’s safety and peace.
Two of those tools come in the form of ordinances passed on first reading at last night’s City Council meeting. An ordinance that would make possession of e-cigarettes by minors illegal will help to save the City money, while protecting the health and welfare of school-age children. That’s according to Police Lieutenant Jason Stafford.

Another ordinance that passed its first reading before the Council last night dealt with unreasonable noise. City Attorney Scott Kolpitcke told the Council that officers have had to enforce noise regulations to this point under the part of the City code that deals with a disorderly house. This new ordinance would give more specific direction to the police department, which Lieutenant Stafford says will be of help.

A third tool that is in the works for the department is the installation and use of body cameras. Stafford says that the delivery date for that equipment is at least another 5-6 weeks.

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